Hydroalcoholic Hand Gel – AEMPS Registration Number: 1034-DES



Hydro-alcoholic hand gel that does not need rinsing. Thanks to the mixture of alcohols, it is an ideal product for cleaning and complete hygiene of the hands, having sanitizing properties against bacteria, fungi, etc. Its use is recommended in the food trade, schools, nurseries …

It complies with the UNE EN 1500 Standard: Hygienic treatment of hands by friction for medical applications.

It complies with the UNE EN 1276 Standard: Bactericidal Activity for hands.

It complies with the UNE EN 1650 Standard: Fungicidal Activity.

It complies with the UNE-EN 14476 Standard: Viricidal activity against enveloped viruses, among which is the Coronavirus.


Antiseptic for healthy skin.


AEMPS Registration Number: 1034-DES (Agency
Spanish of Medicines and Products


100ml – 500ml – 1L – 5L


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