At Prominent Chemical, we collaborate with our clients updating and advising them as regards legislation in relation to the chemical industry.

Likewise, having technicians undertaking ongoing training who guide and advise clients as regards our product ranges.

Insofar as food safety is concerned, we offer the possibility of developing and implementing the HACCP system, as well as studying its monitoring. In the same manner, drawing up the Hygiene Plans for the critical control points in all areas.


Annually a training calendar where all the latest developments of the sector and of our company are covered.

At Prominent Chemical, training is undertaken in food safety, laundry etc. as well as basic knowledge of chemistry applied to the cleaning and professional hygiene sector.

Likewise undertaking training of the different chemical products dissolution and dosage systems existing in our sector.


Prominent Chemical not only offers the possibility of supplying the different dosing systems that exist in the market, but likewise offers technical advice and service, with an assembly and installation option.

In the same manner, automating and regulating the exact dosage of our products.